Saturday, June 2, 2012

Adriana Lima dating History


Our beautiful Angel, before married with Marko Jaric dating with other 4 guys. She said she was very shy and her first kiss was when she has 17 years.

1. Adriana   Esteban
I don't have any picture of him or they together. I just he's an argentinian photographer

2. Adriana   Lenny Kravitz (2001-2003)

The first time he saw her, he felt in love with Adriana. These two were engaged in the spring of 2002 and they lived together
But they broke up because their agendas were incompatible, and Adriana thought
he wasn't the man of her life. She said he's an amazing person, but they don't never talk again.

3. Adriana   Prince Wenzeslaus (2003-2006)
They were the perfect couples, and no one knows why they broke up.


4. Adriana   Derek Jeter (2006-2006)
These two dated briefly in 2006. But Jeter's ceaseless pursuit of all things women was likely the reason they're no longer together

4. Adriana  Marko Jarik (2006-present)

When she met him she felt in love instantly. Adriana and NBA star confirmed their dating status in November 2007 and  they married in a private ceremony on Valentine's Day 2009. They have a daughter together, Valentina Lima Jaric, and Adriana is expectant her second child

Adriana's Family

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