Friday, August 24, 2012

Joan Smalls: Miss Vogue

One of this days I decided search about Joan Smalls. I already knew some things about her and I recently started following her career but I didn't know her past so I was search about. 

I gaped when I saw since 2010, at least, until now she made 37 editorials for VOGUE and most of them for American Vogue. She is almost every month in the magazine! Sometimes she only appeared in one picture but in other times she was in more than one editorial in the same magazine! Now I understand completely why she is ranked 2nd in the Top 50 Models according to She is in everywhere, true me, she is not a editorial model, she walked for the best designer (Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dior, D&G, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Jason Wu, Victoria's Secret, Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli) in the best fashion weeks and starred many campaigns as well.
I decided post her editorials here because she is so talented and I hope you like her editorials as I liked :)


April - Italian Vogue

May - German Vogue

June - American Vogue
  "Flash It Girl Joan Smalls"

July - American Vogue

August - French Vogue

September - American Vogue

"Oh, What a Night!"

"On The Town"

"Tender is the Night"

"We Are The World"

November - American Vogue

December - American Vogue


January - American Vogue

"Arch Rivals"

"New Order"

February - American Vogue

February - Italian Vogue

February - French Vogue

March - American Vogue

 "Rebel Rebel"

"The Life Rhapsodic"

March - British Vogue 

March - French Vogue

April - American Vogue

April - Spanish Vogue

June - American Vogue

August - Italian Vogue

December - Japanese Vogue


January - American Vogue

March - American Vogue

March - Italian Vogue
She was on the cover, yeah!

May - American Vogue

May - Australian Vogue

May - French Vogue

June - American Vogue

July - American Vogue

August - American Vogue

"Caribbean Queen"

September - American Vogue

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