Friday, July 13, 2012

Choose the Best and Worst Fantasy Bra

While we wait for the news about the Fantasy Bra 2012, lets talk about the old ones. 
Since 1996 one angel (only in 1996 it was worn by non angel Claudia Schiffer) is chosen for wear the Milion Dolar Fantasy Bra. 
Lets check all the Fantasy Bra and then you give me your opinion, and vote on your favourite ;)

1996: Million Dollar Miracle Bra

Claudia Schiffer wore the first Fantasy Bra which is valued in $1,000,000
This bra was worn by Tyra Banks in VSFS 1999 in Grand finale.
Can be the first one your favourite?

1997: Diamond Dream Bra
Tyra Banks got her first Fantasy Bra in 1997, and it was valued at $3,000,000. 
It was very simple but Is this simple bra (but expensive) your favourite?

1998: Dream Angel Fantasy Bra
In this year the chosen was Daniela Pestova for wear the Fantasy. It was valued at $5,000,000.
Is this one your favourite?

1999: Millenium Bra
The first Fantasy which Heidi wore, was the last one of the century, and it was valued at double of the last one! Can this blue bra be your favourite?

2000: Red Hot Fantasy Bra/Panties
If Heidi wore the last Fantasy of the century, Gisele wore the first Fantasy Bra of the new century (and she was only 20 years old). And this bra brought a new record for the ubermodel: the 2000 Fantasy Bra was the most expensive of VS history ($15,000,000!), and the most expensive item of lingerie ever created
Is the most expensive be also the best Fantasy Bra?

2001: Heavenly Star Bra
One more time, the chose was Heid Klum (and this wasn't the last one!) This Fantasy Bra was the first which appeared on the show. It was valued at $12,500,000, less than the last one.
Was the best Fantasy the second one that Heidi wore?

2002: Star of Victoria Fantasy Bra
Karolina Kurkova got her first Fantasy Bra when she was only 18 years old!
This bra was valued at $10,000,000 and it appeared in VSFS 2002 segment 2.
Is the colorful bra your favourite?

2003: Very Sexy Fantasy Bra
In 2003 was the last time Heidi got the Fantasy (and she got it 3 times!). And the last one was more expensive, it was valued at $11,000,000. It took over 370 hours to create and this bra appeared in VSFS 2003 segment 2. Is the third she wore your favourite?

2004: Heavenly "70" Fantasy Bra
In this year there wasn't show, but there was the Fantasy Bra! And who better than Tyra for wear it?
This time Tyra got one Fantasy much more expensive than the last she got, this one  was valued at $10,000,000.
This bra is very different from de others, so can be the different bra your favourite?

2005: Sexy Splendor Fantasy Bra
Gisele got her second and last Fantasy Bra in 2005 and it valued $12,500,000 ( she wore the most expensive bras!). She opened the show with this Fantasy and she rocked completely, it was an amazing walk! Can she convinced you with her walk this bra is the best?

2006: Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra 
Karolina Kurkova got her second Fantasy in 2006, and it was valued at $6,500,000 (less than her first). It appeared on the show, and she was very gorgeous and elegant. 
Is this the best Fantasy Bra ever?

2007:Holiday Fantasy Bra
She was angel for a short time, but even so she got the Fantasy Bra. Her Fantasy Bra was valued at $4,500,000.  But after wearing it she said "Yeah, diamonds hurts, I don't know about wearing diamonds on your crotch. It's like you're walking and scraping. This is not cohesive to get a man. No man wants a scratchy vagina". But she covered pretty well the pain, I didn't notice she was unconfortable!
Although this isn't the most comfortable item, can this be your favourite?

2008: Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra
Adriana Lima got her first Fantasy in 2008 (8 years after she became an angel). And in 2008 she open the show and wore the Fantasy, two gifts in same year :) This Fantasy was valued at $5,000,000.
Do you love this Fantasy, is it your favourite?

2009: Harlequin Fantasy Bra
Marissa Miller was only on 3 years but nevertheless they gave to her the Fantasy. I think this was the perfect year for Alessandra Ambrosio wear the Fantasy but they chose Marissa. It was valued at $3,000,000.
Is this one your favourite?

2010: Bombshell Fantasy Bra
After missed the 2009 VSFS she came back in the spotlight. She opened the show and one more time wore the Fantasy Bra. This was simple but it's cute, and it was valued at $2,000,000. She was amazing on the runway. Is Bombshell Fantasy Bra the best?

2011: Fantasy Treasure Bra
Miranda wore her first Fantasy Bra in last year, after her baby born. This Fantasy was inspired on water and sea and was valued at $2,500,000. 
Is the most recent Fantasy Bra your favourite?

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